Updating PIM handlers.xml file

The handlers.xml file handles HTTP request and response processing for channels proxied by Product Integration Modules (PIM). It may be necessary to update the handlers.xml rules to solve an issue with a PIM and if so you will likely be provided an updated file and be asked to 're-set' the rules. Here is a general description of the process. Note that you will need to adjust these instructions based on the specific PIM.

To apply the new file, replace the handlers.xml file currently in place for the PIM with the one attached. The installed handlers.xml file can be found in:

[INSTALL_HOME]/server/webapps/enportal/WEB-INF/xmlroot/server/crs/runtimehandlers/<vendor>/<product>/<pim name>/

We would recommend simply renaming the original file with something other than an 'xml' extension, such as 'handlers.orig', rather than deleting it.

Once handlers.xml is replaced, do the following to load it:

Log in as portal administrator.
Under the Advanced tab, select Explore System
Navigate to the /Directory/system/proxy/ folder and locate the “Manage Proxy” channel
Right-click on the “Manage Proxy” channel and select Open to launch the channel
In the Manage Proxy tool, click “Reset All”

Clear your browser cache and refresh your browser when checking for updated behavior.

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  • 09-Jan-2016